Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meg & Bryan's Record

Have you ever wanted to release a record? Well, here's how you can do so vicariously!

Allow me to backtrack: the other month I was browsing youtube as is my wont, and I happened upon a video of a duo performing live on some steps. The two people were Bryan Bangeter and Meaghan Maples who make music together under the name Meg & Bryan. Since their sound caught my ears, I started looking up more of their stuff, and liked them better and better the more I heard. I love duos, especially when they're composed of a guy and a girl. And since Meg & Bryan make fun, intelligent music with lots of harmony, they were an instant win for me.

Soon after my discovery of them, I found out that they are trying to release their first full-length album. Through the awesome site kickstarter.com (which is "the world's largest funding platform for creative projects") their fans can help make their record a reality with "pledges". (Mediums like kickstarter are quietly, but surely, becoming the norm, and I have to say I am immensely in favour of them!)

Anyway, I'm just putting this out there for awareness - pressure not included. :)
If you want you to learn more you can check out their kickstarter here, or perhaps go to their bandcamp and download their live EP for free!

Here's a video of Meg & Bryan performing one of their newer songs, 'Expire'.

And guess what! I have December's artist of the month all picked out and everything! I'm just eagerly waiting to post all about her, though I suspect I maybe alone in this particular enthusiasm; but I care not!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


As you can see, I have completely re-done my blog. I've been toying with the idea for a while now, and today, for some reason, decided to make it happen. I think I like it... but I'm not sure. I'll get used to it, eventually; I know I will. (Though I still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to make a new header.)

Anyhow, for once I am facing the beginning of the month without feeling the previous one slipped by before we could even get acquainted. October was a satisfactory month; it's not often I feel that way! I'm not sure what the difference was...

Still, I'm not sure I like how fast winter is descending. It seems appropriate, then, that this month's artist is a group originally formed "to escape the paralysis of winter."
That artist is Memoryhouse.

Memoryhouse is Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion. Last year, they released their first EP The Years on the indie label Arcade Sound. This year, they're back again with The Years round two: "re-recorded, remixed and remastered", not to mention released on the larger label Sub Pop. Evan Abeele describes their original EP as essentially a "demo tape" which is why they made the decision to re-release it. (You can read more about that in this interview.)

It is the re-released EP I have, and from what I've heard of the original, I do like the more polished tone of the new one. Another difference is the tracklist for the two EPs, the original being:
1. Sleep Patterns
2. Lately (Deuxiéme)
3. The Waves
4. To The Lighthouse

And the re-release:
1. Sleep Patterns
2. Lately
3. Modern, Normal
4. To The Lighthouse
5. Quiet America

I also like the second's cover better:

(It reminds me of Edward Hopper's paintings of light falling on the floor and wall in empty rooms.)

Memoryhouse's name is a tribute to the German composer Max Richter, and their EP is a tribute to Virginia Woolf. Its title, and two of the tracks take their names from Woolf novels. I find that wonderfully commendable, since I love Virginia Woolf's books.

Though adjectives such as "glacial" have been used to describe their music, it is not particularly something I class as "winter music" in my mind. It is music for the lonely hours, for filling the silence without killing it. And in my opinion, it's one of those lovely albums that gets better the more you listen to it. It's also an album that works best as a whole.

Excitingly enough, they have an full-length album in the works. It's definitely near the top of my [imaginary] "Can't Wait For!" list.

Listen to 'Sleep Patterns':

I would also recommend their beautiful music video for their song 'Lately' which you can watch here. (It's the version on the original EP, I believe.)
...OR you can stream the whole EP here!