Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Wanderer

I am still very much alive, never fear! Not only have I not felt like blogging lately, I keep forgetting to listen to all the new music I've been buying. Ha!

Lately, no music has made me feel like I want to blog about it. Nothing, that is, until I came across the band Lilliput.

It's a funny story how I came across this band. (Okay, maybe it's not that funny...) If you have interacted with me at all in the past 6 months, you'll probably know that I've been voraciously watching the TV series Byker Grove (also affectionately referred to by me as my "children's soap opera"). I merely started watching the show because that's where Ant and Dec's career and friendship began, and before I knew what was happening, I was finishing the the 18th and last series. I love that show, okay. And I'm American so I can't even claim I merely like it for nostalgic reasons. :P

Anyhow, on one of my many walks down the crowded streets of Google, I discovered that Dan[iel] Waterston (who played the character of Mickey in series 15-18 of Byker Grove) was now the drummer in a Sunderland-based band called Lilliput. My hopes were raised when I saw the band's genre described as "alternative folk".

I first watched their video 'Until' and quite liked it, but it was only when I went on to watch their live video for their song 'Little Wanderer' that I knew I had found a new favourite.

Lilliput has yet to release an album or an EP, but you can be sure that I will be waiting eagerly for the day when they do.

(Supplemental link: Head to their official site to join their mailing list and get a free download for their song 'Until'!)