Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paloma Faith

Pardonnez-moi!  I've been terribly absent from everything. Life got away from me. I'm grabbing it for now to belatedly bring you June's artist of the month, Paloma Faith!

Paloma Faith is an English songstress and songwriter of whom I can't get enough these days. I first heard of Paloma when she was a panelist on a show that I shan't admit I sometimes watch. I was entranced by her zany personality and clothing, and was extremely desirous to know more about her. I think I might've even watched her on another show (NMTB, this time) before actually listening to her music, but it's possible I listened to a couple of her songs in the interim between show-watchings. (I can no longer remember.)

A few weeks ago, she released her new album (Fall To Grace), but you must excuse me for I am still stuck on her first effort from 2009, Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful.  I don't know why I used the word "effort" - in my mind that sort of implies it fell short of some undefined mark. It certainly didn't! (Er, doesn't!) Her music is pop/soul that's a little more mainstream than my usual far-off-the-beaten-path choices, but that's not to say her music is akin to the general tripe that shoots so shockingly up the charts. Her songs and whole being are very theatrical, which is hardly surprising considering she is also an actress and has held the various jobs that are theatrical in nature.

My favourite song off Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful is 'New York' - a song that is a plea to a lover whose left for 'another lady' with a slight twist from the usual. I can't stop listening to this, as it combines beauty and catchy-ness into an irresistible combination.


(Supplemental link: Watch a clip Paloma [and Noel Fielding!] being adorable on Never Mind the Buzzcocks here.)