Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lonely Road

I know Paul McCartney has already gotten more than his fair share of space on this blog, but I love him--er, his music so much, I just can't help myself. ;)
Anyhow, it has recently been announced that he is going to be married again. I am quite happy for him and hope they will both be very happy... especially after his last marriage to she-whose-name-we-don't-mention.

So, it seems appropriate to post a Macca song! I'm going with 'Lonely Road' because it's one of my many favourites. Out of curiosity the other day, I asked my brothers what their favourite McCartney songs are and this one made the top of both their lists as well.
'Lonely Road' is off his 2001 album Driving Rain. Though it was released after he met you-know-who, quite a few of the album's songs are for his lovely Linda {pictured right} who had died three years earlier. {Read my post on his song 'Calico Skies' for more about them.} I admit, I am just as big a fan of Linda McCartney as I am of Paul and am a sucker for any of his songs for her. I personally think 'Lonely Road' is about his grief after Linda's death. This song has, as my mother would say, "angst". She has a penchant for "angst" in music. I'm not always sure what she means by that, but I think this song could be said to have angst, haha.


{And this makes my third post for May, just like I promised! See, I really can keep my vows! :P}

Friday, May 13, 2011

Love is a Tricky Thing

Ah, me. It's always when I swear I will be posting that my brain gets paralyzed and nothing inspires me to write.

This is just a pathetic, diminutive post to share a music video I'm addicted to right now. This post might have been better if blogger had not shut down yesterday because now I find I am too tired to finish this post properly after this evening's miniature meltdown. {Heh... heh... *sigh*}

Anyhow, I've been watching Julie Feeney's music videos lately. {Artist bio in a nutshell: Julie Feeney is an Irish singer/songwriter/producer/conductor etc.! Let's just say, she can do it all!}
At first, I just watched her videos for the videos themselves, but then I started going back for the actual music. Today I am posting my favourite of her videos, 'Love is a Tricky Thing'. (But I would recommend the other two: the quirky, catchy 'Impossibly Beautiful' and the beautiful 'Aching' which really will have you aching by the end, in a good way.) 'Love is a Tricky Thing' is my favourite because I like the song and lyrics best and the video is just too darn cute! Definitely one you want to jump into and walk around in.

Alright, that's all for now. Oh, on an unrelated note, I turned 18 last Saturday! Now I can get duly punished for all my crimes. Oh dear. :P

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sleeping At Last

I solemnly swear I will post at least three times in May! April went by freakishly fast. For most of the time, I was legitimately busy... {Imagine that!} Thankfully, this month's artist of the month was a no-brainer for me: Sleeping At Last.

I only discovered their music recently, as in a few weeks ago. I found them by happenstance during one of my rare youtube browsings and by happy coincidence they were offering their 2009 album Storyboards for free on NoiseTrade! {I would just like to say, I was perfectly willing to pay for it on emusic but my account was on hold last month and I got impatient, wanting to listen to them when offline.}

Sleeping at Last is composed of Ryan O'Neal {lead vocals, guitar & piano} and Dan Perdue {bass & keys}. Their music touched me like no band's has in a while. Their lyrics are definitely a highlight; they are poetical often with an underlying spirituality. And on the album Storyboards, at least, many of the songs have beautiful orchestral arrangements. Since stringed instruments speak to my soul, this makes me quite happy.
On another note, this year Sleeping At Last is doing a project entitled "Yearbook" and are releasing a three-song EP for every month of the year which is a pretty spiffy idea, I think!

I haven't yet become as intimately acquainted with the album Storyboards as I would've liked, since I know some favourites don't always become evident til after numerous listens. But this song, 'Slow & Steady' has been a stand-out track for me so far.


{Again, I repeat my promise: I will post at least three times in May; I will no longer be such a slacker! ...Not on this blog, at any rate. :P}