Sunday, August 17, 2014

A possible return.

Today I finished a longterm project and have taken care of a few other things that I've been meaning to do... and I figured while I was on a roll, I'd do something I've been meaning to do for months: post here.

Since I last posted a year ago, I've almost solely been listening to musical cast recordings. I am not even close to kidding. However, there have been a few new releases by several artists I love that I made room for in the midst of my musical theatre binge. I'm going to write about two of them... because after a year's absence how could I just talk about one song? So I shall be posting about two EPs: one by Hannah Peel and one by Laura Groves.

In my head, it makes perfect sense to put these two lovely ladies in the same post, as it was through Laura Groves's music that I heard about Hannah Peel.

Photo credit: Hiro Hirata
Hannah Peel's new EP Fabricstate, which was released in February, was brought to my attention by Hannah herself (Thank you!!). I posted about her album The Broken Wave a couple years ago, so I was delighted to hear more music from her. Though her style of music has evolved, Fabricstate is enchanting. Hannah's voice and music are as soothing and sweet as ever. I'm posting the first track on the EP, 'Silk Road'. When I first listened to this song it evoked a strong feeling in me that it would be a perfect song to put on a mix CD for a road trip taken in the very early morning. (I could practically feel the light chill in the air and see the empty, dimly-lit streets.)

And now for the second section, Laura Groves! (Still working on the art of segues...)

Photo credit: Owen Tetley
Laura Groves used to record under the name Blue Roses. Her eponymous album released under that name has been one of my favourites for years. I feared she had stopped recording, but a few months ago I discovered she had released an EP called Thinking About Thinking in September last year. I quickly went to listen to it and was happy to find that it lived up to her precedence of dreamy, haunting music. I'm posting the last track on the EP, which is also the title song. I also very strongly see this as being a perfect road trip song for the early morning. (How many road trips have I taken in the early morning? Very few. But I'm seemingly obsessed with the idea...)

(Tried to embed this via bandcamp, but blogger was not having it. Ah well.)

I do hope it won't be a year before I get around to posting again. I'm going to avoid making any promises, though.