Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coming Up

Nikki, a sweet new reader of mine, has given me an award! Thank you so much, dear!

Here are some instructions:
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Seven Random Things About Moi:

1. I drink my daily coffee black. Sometimes I'll have cream or sugar, but not often. I like it black. I'm prouder of this fact than I should be.

2. I have library cards for two different libraries, and I'm thinking about getting a third. (I'm not collecting them, no. It's just that even with two library systems at my fingertips, there are still many books I want to read that aren't in either of their collections.)

3. When I was a young girl, I aspired to be just like Madeline (from the books by Ludwig Bemelmans). Mainly, I wanted to be as brave as her. Not sure how well that worked out, but I do attribute my Francophility to those books.

4. Due to the fact I have no life, I read somewhere over 440 books last year. (441 according to my goodreads, but there were some re-reads that weren't entered.)

5. I would rather clean toilets for money than babysit. (I've done both, yes, and I prefer the toilets.)

6. I hate eating in public. I'll eat in restaurants, but at parties or other gatherings - no way. We affectionately call it my "public eating disorder".

7. I often professed a desire towards a medical career as a child, but somewhere in the transition from childhood to teenage-hood, I became one of the most squeamish people ever. (Not squeamish when it comes to cleaning toilets, evidently. :P But if someone starts describing a surgery or something - ugh!)

[I should tag 15 people in this space, but if you haven't noticed, I usually skip that step and say if any of my readers would like to do this on their blog, they are welcome to do so, please!]

To make up for my lacklustre facts, and to make this a music-related post, I am posting one of my favourite music videos: 'Coming Up' by Paul McCartney! I've been listening to a lot of my darling Paulie lately, and I've been meaning to post this video for a long time - so right now feels as good a time as any!

'Coming Up' is from Paul's 1980 album McCartney II. The quirky music video features Paul dressed up as ten different people (including a portrayal of himself circa 1963), and his wife Linda dressed up as two.

And sorry - this song will most likely get stuck in your head...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Though I've been telling myself for the past week or so that I'm still trying to choose March's artist of the month, I've known all along it couldn't be anyone but The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour were recommended to me by Artamus, a fellow fan of Laura Nyro that I met through, well, this blog! I am forever indebted to him for revolutionizing my music tastes with this band.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a Danish group and the founding members are Lars Iversen and Mette Lindberg. There are quite a number of other bandmates now, but as their website says: "As their name might imply, THE ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR are somehow less of a band than they are a many-legged, ever-evolving, constantly moving party machine."
How could I even try to write a mini-bio about such a band?!?

Their new album Out of Frequency came out in January, but so far I've only heard a few songs from it. It's their 2009 album, Fruit, that has been my constant companion ever since I downloaded it in January. Some people (not just my brother this time) complain about Mette Lindberg's unconventional vocals, but I like them. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is fun and funky, and I love listening to them. Especially when I'm home alone and need something good to "blast".

Picking a song to post from Fruit is really hard... It's one of those albums I like to listen to all the way through every time. According to my itunes playcount, I've listened to the songs 'Around the Bend' and 'Bad Fever' a few more times than all the others.

I think I'm going to go with 'Around the Bend' as its one of the first songs I heard by them. (According to wikipedia it's their most well-known song.)


On another note, have you ever wondered about my post-writing process for this blog? What's that you say? No? Well, allow me to share a story anyway that will shed some light on it. I was going to write this post yesterday, so I looked up The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on wikipedia (my starting, but not ending place, for almost every post), and as I was reading the entry, I noticed Mette Lindberg had been on an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Since I have a thing for British telly, I thought: I'll go watch that! Halfway through the episode, I got distracted and started watching the episode of NMTB with Holly Willoughby, because I think she's lovely. I also watched assorted clips with other favoured celebrities, and by the time I finally went back and finished the episode with Mette, my good intentions were shattered and this post never got written. Well, not until today.

And that is how my writing process works: It doesn't.