Friday, June 28, 2013

Wizard Flurry Home

The first draft of this post was scribbled at 3 AM when I couldn't fall asleep. (Long story. Or boring story, really.) I soon discovered, to my chagrin, that while my eyes wouldn't close, my brain was not functioning with its usual (ha!) keenness.

Good news is, I've been sleeping better! And hopefully this post won't read as inanely as the words on this paper next to me. (I can barely read my handwriting, to be honest.)

Okay, convoluted opening over, let's get to the reason I'm here: to talk about Mariee Sioux.

Or more specifically, her album Faces in the Rocks. It came out in 2007, and I used to listen to it around 2008, I think. But that was the time when I was discovering a lot of new and wonderful music... and I lost touch with Mariee Sioux's music.

I went to look up Faces in the Rocks a year or two ago and discovered, annoyingly enough, it was unavailable. There was a reason for this. A reason I knew. But right now I can find no information on what happened. It's eerily like it never happened. (This is quite perturbing.) But something happened with the label, I think, and she no longer owned the rights to the songs? I have no idea anymore. All I know is, I was not able to buy this album until this past year.

Though predominately labeled simply a folk album, the Native American influence of  Faces in the Rocks is so apparent, it seems to be putting it lightly to say it was merely influenced by that culture. This album is imbued with it. The most enchanting part of this is the Native American flute that haunts the album. (I don't know if there's a more specific name for it. I'm just going off of what wikipedia is telling me.) Which is why I'm posting the opening song of the album 'Wizard Flurry Home'. I think it features the flute the most. Also it's the song I remember with the most clarity from when I listened to this album so many years ago.

(C'est tout pour maintenant. I hope to be less absent on this blog from here on out. I've missed it!)


  1. Ooh, this is great. I don't think I ever knew what Mariee looked like, so it's nice to see her here.

    And "Wizard Flurry Home" is a stunning song, I'm pretty sure it was my favorite.

    I used to listen to that album on Rhapsody when I had a subscription, I just realized, not just on radio.

    But anyway, this song conjures up pleasant old memories for me, of listening to it in my green bedroom in Brooklyn with my cat Sugar resting on my bed (she is in heaven now :'). The flute 'haunting' the album is the perfect way to put it. "Hummed by Melee"— Lovely.

    1. I didn't know what she looked like either, really, until I started researching for this post.

      It's so cool how parallel our music tastes run. :D And it's nice to get these things cleared up in our mind, isn't it? I remembered that I used to listen to this album (or most of it) on a site called

      Awww - thank you, dear! And those are such sweet memories. Especially since it connects you with a dear someone who has passed now. :)

  2. Very pretty. And now that I have a record player, I can hunt down some of those vinyl albums that you write about here, particularly if they've been relegated to bargain bins.

  3. Excellent! Funnily enough, I find myself without a record player at the moment. It's quite vexing. (It's only lent out, but still...)

  4. Thank you for this post - I'm so happy to discover Mariee's music! Her song reminded me of this, I saw Alele Diane perform in Seattle a few years ago, and her voice has a similar haunting quality, methinks :)

    1. This is such a strange coincidence: when I saw your comment, I was actually listening to Alela Diane! I only have About Farewell and I've never heard 'White Diamonds', but it's so beautiful. I'll definitely have to get To Be Still soon. That's so wonderful you got to see her perform! And I definitely agree that her voice shares a certain haunting quality with Mariee's.

      I'm delighted I could introduce Mariee's music to you! Thank you so much for dropping by. :)


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